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2 0 1 9 J U L Y P R I N T W E A R 1 3 appreciated, acknowledgment of the per- sonal qualities they exhibited, and the re- sulting benefit to you or your organization. When you make specific reference to the appreciated person's actions, it makes the credit you are extending to them believable and meaningful. You lend added value to their contribution, such that they may be inclined to repeat the action in the future. When you comment on their personal qualities, you let them know you value that character trait and you individualize the ex- pressed appreciation. When you mention the resulting benefit to you or your organi- zation, others see the tangible results of their efforts. A business owner may write this in a short note to a valuable employee: "Karin, thank you for cleaning up and reor- ganizing the ink room. You took the initiative to label all the ink containers with their PMS color number and re-arrange them on the racks numerically. Your conscientious atten- tion-to-detail will certainly save our company time and money in getting the right ink to the press sooner." TIMING IS EVERYTHING You can see it takes little time to write a short note or compose some kind words to present at an all-employee meeting. The key is to deliver your appreciation as soon after the appreciated action as possible. Attaching a small reward, such as movie tickets or a restaurant gift certificate, will have others finding opportunities to get recognized again. If you want to encourage your employees to work well as a team, your appreciation may be best communicated by surprising them with an informal company get-together, such as an after-work bowling party or miniature golf outing. Both are a relatively inexpensive way to foster team spirit. Just be sure to link the appreciation gesture with the positive contribution.

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