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2 0 1 9 J U L Y P R I N T W E A R 2 9 sheeting works very well for a cli- ent-specific webstore, as the colors for the transfers are usually the same, which is a key driver to keeping costs down in the screen-printing process. To use screen-printed transfers, it is wise to charge the customer a 'set-up fee' that can cover the initial stock of transfers. Now, when an order is received it is as simple as pulling a transfer, heat pressing it to the correct size and color of garment, and shipping the order out the door. The most popular way to launch stores is the flash sale or pop-up shop. Keep art- work choices somewhat limited with this option and you can experience the ad- vantages of grouping orders. While some shops currently screen print for fulfill- ment, heat printing can be a better way. The concept of gang sheeting images gives the benefit of a screen print finish while printing multiple products with a single screen. Other benefits of heat printing as a fulfillment method for client webstores is increased branding opportunities. If you consider the various attachments avail- able for threadable heat presses, there is a world of placement opportunities. These increased placements help to drive more revenue into every cus- tomer cart, which drives your overall success in the business. Many technology sets can work for team store fulfillment. Each has its benefits and limitations. A solid technology set will allow you to customize a wide variety of items to increase your average order size. If your clients are in the sportswear or performance apparel space, then printing on polyester will be important. Additionally, outerwear presents some major profit opportunities. Be sure to vet each solution or combi- nation of solutions against what you will aim to accomplish through your stores. It's likely that if webstores are a part of your future plans, you'll find heat printing to be a part of the mix. It's a lean technology that is easy to staff and train on, and a relatively small footprint is possible. There is limited space, expense, and mess which makes it a technology that you can start and grow with. PW Josh Ellsworth is the VP of sales, dealer channel for Stahls'. He deals in the sales and implementation of heat applied, apparel decorating systems with a core focus on customization. He has experience in mass customiza- tion for apparel; production, sales, marketing and business development with a background in social media marketing including videos, blog development, and social networking. He also delivers educational seminars at trade shows around the world and regularly contributes articles to trade publications, like Printwear magazine. Zach Ellsworth is the strategic product manager for Stahls'. In this role, Zach develops channels and partners for CADCUT (heat transfer vinyl) sales. Zach also deals with business development for the company, catalyzing the adoption of heat printing technology through education, consultation, and connecting the proverbial dots. Heat printing as a fulfill- ment method for client webstores presents in- creased branding opportunities.

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