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2 0 1 9 J U L Y P R I N T W E A R 5 1 how to do it well. You need three because the first person is the pri- mary job holder, the second is their back up, and the third is there for when both the first- and second-string folks are out. ACTIONS REVEAL PRIORITIES This is my favorite phrase this year because I believe it says so much. Think about it. What is a priority for you? Something that no mat- ter what, you will do what it takes to accomplish it. You wouldn't miss your marriage anniversary or your kid's sports game. Those are priorities. Things get pushed out of the way to make those events happen. In your shop, have you identified what needs to be a priority? For example, jobs shipped on time and cor- rectly could be a priority. This is something you could measure. It doesn't matter much if you do a good job all along in produc- tion, but if the order ships late or to the wrong address, it is a failure. Investigate all the actions needed to make an order ship on time. What is the friction point that slows everything down? Do you have an action plan in place to make that part happen faster? Don't be afraid to make changes and take action. PW Gilbert, AZ based Marshall Atkinson is one of the leading production and efficiency experts for the decorated apparel industry. He is the owner of Atkinson Consulting, LLC. As a coach for shops in the industry, Atkinson focuses on operational efficiency, continuous improvement and workflow strategy, business planning, employee motivation, management and sustainability. He is a frequent trade show speaker, article and blog author, and is the host of InkSoft's The Big Idea podcast. For more information go to Marshall Atkinson can be contacted by email at or (850) 445-3155.

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