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ALL IN THE FAMILY – continued from page 55 JULY SPECIAL SECTION 108 • RV PRO • July 2019 RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY I n 1968, a young married couple, both engaged comfortably in full-time work, decided it was time to take a risk. Peter Lloyd, an electronic engineer with CSIRO, loved to tinker with television sets, radios and other appliances. His wife, Jill, a personal assis- tant, was keen to work alongside Peter. In launching their own business, they left the precipice of safe and secure employment. The plan was to manufacture a range of power supplies, frequency counters and digital multimeters. The garage of Peter and Jill's home was turned into the busi- ness factory. Their daughter Louise recalls, "As my par- ents started their business in the garage at home over 50 years ago, quite literally building their own PCB circuit boards, we often joke over family catch-ups that is it surprising one or all of us are not glowing from the toxic runoff." As a child, Louise "helped" with deliveries. "My mum always likes to recall how she would drive around Melbourne with myself and my sister in the back seat of the car whilst she drove around doing deliveries." Years later, she joined the company, and toward the turn of the millennium, Louise was appointed GM. "When my father appointed me GM, I thought he was going to be around to mentor me but in a flash, he was nowhere to be seen and had moved onto his next venture. It was a bit of a shock at first but what was great was my parents taught me the courage to give it a go on my own, knowing that if I ever needed help, they were always there to share their experience. This approach really enabled me to grow personally and not in the shadow of the previous generation." In 2008 Louise's husband, David, joined the Setec team as a business developer. Louise shares, "When my husband and I were working together, people were not sure if we were siblings or partners. We used to have fun in meetings with that!" Five years later, in 2013, David helped launch BMPRO. "David lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle, so who better to be our ambassador? Travelling the outback of Australia and soon the U.S.A. taking fantastic footage of the RV lifestyle, our customers and our products! I believe he really inspires those within BMPRO to embrace and experience getting out- doors and camping." As far as lessons learned, Louise has experienced quite a bit both between her father, sister and husband. "From my dad, it was about learning from him, but he realized he was not the best teacher, so he got an industry mentor for me – smart move. My husband and I have swapped CEO roles over the years but the key to our working together is that we each bring different skills and strengths. My sister was a great supportive person when she worked in the business and offered a different perspective. She was family I listened to and implemented some of her ideas." BMPRO LOUISE AND DAVID BAYLISS Louise and David Bayliss pictured above

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