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110 • RV PRO • July 2019 RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY JULY SPECIAL SECTION R emco has six family members currently working. They include President Terry Rohloff, his wife and COO Heidi Rohloff; his son and National Sales Manager Zach Rohloff; daugh- ter-in-law and Production Manager Allison Rohloff; sister-in-law and Operations Manager Greta Stroot and sister-in-law and Shipping/Receiving Manager Erin McMullen. His father-in-law and mother-in-law, Jim and Patrica Stroot, had prevciously helped manage Remco before retiring five years ago. Terry realizes some of the positive aspects about working with family. "The best thing about having family in our business is to watch and see them grow, and to feel the drive and passion they all have to make our business and themselves successful," he says. "I know their hearts are in the right place and they just want to do what's right and best for the company. In addition, it is a comfortable feeling knowing we can sleep well at night as we have a deep trust in our family/people." Though with some, so much close family working together there can be some hurdles. Terry says, "There are some downsides to family working together but it takes communication and lots of it. Vacation and time off can sometimes be stressful with scheduling and big family get-togethers, but all in all we work hard, and we play hard. Communication is key!" As far as overcoming any sticky situations with having a super- visory role over family members, Terry says, "I have supervisory role over all my family members except my wife, Heidi. She is truly the boss! We are 50/50 business partners, so we share the roles. We treat business as business and personal as personal." But working as a family, they also reap the benefits of success. Terry remembers, "We had all worked extremely hard to help Ford Motor develop a Remco Towing solution for their Ford Escape and Ford Fusion vehicles. After many months of hard work and trips to Detroit, we were successful in landing the order. It was a huge turning point in the success of Remco Industries. Without this business I don't know where we would be today." Through it all, the founder has still learned a lot while being at the forefront. "I've seen through family members, about how deep, honesty and loyalty can be. I see this look of pride in their faces every day. It's a look of wanting us both to be successful. I don't know if I would have appreciated this as much if not working with family. However, one thing I have learned about family members don't mess with their time off." REMCO TERRY, HEIDI, ZACH, ALLISON ROHLOFF, GRETA, JIM AND PATRICIA STROOT AND ERIN MCMULLEN Heidi and Terry Roloff (seated, center) run REMCO with the assistance of other pictured family members.

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