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RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY July 2019 • RV PRO • 111 A t Icon Technologies, half the fun is watching where the different family members are going to fit in. Ashton Krahn works in the company's customer service department. Her father, John Loewen, is the company's CEO. Grand- father, Frank Loewen, is a mold maker. Her husband, Dustin Krahn, is a rotational mold manager. Her mother, Trish Loewen, works in accounts receivable. Brother-in-law Austin Wiebe works in production and his wife, Abby, Ashton's sister, is a financial consultant. Ashton's sister, Jyana Loewen, works in administration. "Each family member brings something unique to the table and together we make an incredible team," Ashton says. Ashton says the concept for ICON got its start in the 1960s when Frank and P.W. Enns would work on prototype conceptual models in Frank's shop. John loved to spend time in the shop watching Frank and P.W dream and create all kinds of things. Frank sold his woodworking business to Triple E in 1979 and con- tinued to work at Triple E until 1990. He's been a part of the ICON team since 2001, making molds for the majority of the company's products. With so many family members working together, there is a great deal of skill and institutional knowledge being passed from gener- ation to generation, she says. "We've also had the opportunity to travel throughout North America for a variety of RV Shows and other business adventures, which has been rewarding both professionally and personally," she says. T im Kowalski called on Stag-Parkway down in Atlanta to take on his Bio-Kleen product line. He was meeting with Donna Martin and, at the time, Traci Spears. "I walked in into the conference room and realized that I recognized Tracy, but I didn't say anything to her for two years after they took my product line on," he says. Tracy worked for Stag with Tim for five years before she joined Bio-Kleen as his employee. Eventually, a few years ago, they got engaged at the Atlas Distributor Show. Now married, they thrive in their work/life balance and what they describe as the beautiful life- style of not only working in the industry but being RVers themselves: "You do walk a fine line sometimes and as Tim always says its church and state. We could talk about work all day and all night, but then we decide to switch gears and go into our personal life," Tracy shares. "We need to have a boundary to enjoy life. I think we've always had that. That cut-off point where you know the day is done and it's time to do something personal. " Tim agrees. "It's a lifestyle that we've come to work with and understanding with each other and have respect for each other to know when it's time to talk business and when to stop." In addition to work, one of the things they enjoy is giving back. "Working in the community, we're real involved with our boating side. It's really rewarding for us to go and help these boaters and that you're there helping them with their Make- A-Wish wish," says Tracy. "They really respect us. It's probably the most rewarding thing that you could do is give your time." Because they spend 200 nights on the road, Tim shared some insights about how they handle time off. "Because Tracy and I are married and we travel around, we get to work hard during the week but then on evenings and weekends when we're traveling, we get to take in the sights and the tourist attractions of the area that were in. "I think that makes our life a lot more blessed than most because we're not going on vacation to go see the country. This is our everyday work and we've just turned it into a lifestyle of being able to enjoy what the United States has to offer." BIO-KLEEN TIM AND TRACY KOWALSKI ICON TECHNOLOGIES ASHTON AND DUSTIN KRAHN; JOHN, FRANK, TRISH AND JYANA LOEWEN; AUSTIN AND ABBY WIEBE John Loewen (back left) heads Icon Technologies with several pictured family members.

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