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RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY July 2019 • RV PRO • 115 V anLeigh RV launched in December 2014, the moniker a com- bination of the youngest Tiffin, Leigh, and his father, Van. Being a relative newcomer to RV manufacturing, Leigh feels he has gleaned a wide variety of knowledge from grandfather and pioneer, Bob Tiffin, his uncle Tim, and, of course, his dad, Van. "I would say the three people that I work closest are Bob, Tim and Van," Leigh says. "They all have really unique strengths and different things that I admire about them. "Seeing them at work, I view them as a lot more intelligent and wiser than I ever would have probably given them credit for than if I had not worked with them," he adds. "My dad has a real knack for design. He's a great problem solver. He really understands the consumer very well; what they like, what they don't like. He has a good knack for taking a good design concept and helping translate that into something that engineers can create a good design within their production. Something else that I really appreciate about my father is he's got a keen eye for quality. He's very interested in the quality of the unit and I think that developed with him when he realized that you can design the greatest thing in the world, but if it's not been executed very well in terms of production then what good is that? "He spent a lot of his time walking units, reviewing units, taking a deep look at what the problems are and he's very insightful in that way. I mean he's very technical. He would come into shop and he could tell you in very specific terms how to solve them. A lot of his knowledge comes from his many years of experience in the business." And as for his grandfather? "My grandfather, you know, I'm always profoundly struck by his wisdom, too," Leigh says. "In many ways he's a pretty simple guy. You almost get to underestimating him, I guess you could say. It can almost be disarming because some of his wisdom seems so simple, yet it is so powerful when it's done for a long time. He's always put the customer first. ... He's been doing it for what's been nearly 50 years for him in this industry. He's super insightful and extremely wise in his business approach. "He brings a totally different perspective to business than my dad or Van does, in the sense that he's almost 100 percent customer focused and that's how he's built his business and it's been very effective for him. You are always amazed by the single-minded customer focus of his approach. He's been doing this a long time and he's still extremely productive. He's very interested in the voice of the customer and resolving their imme- VANLEIGH RV LEIGH, VAN, TIM, LEX AND BOB TIFFIN Leigh Tiffin (above) and grandfather Bob Tiffin (left) diate issues and preventing future issues for new customers." Leigh also recalls his learning curve when manufacturing units, and how his grandfather helped him see things from a different perspective. "I can remember calling my grandfa- ther and telling him you know I think all of our units need a full week of pre-de- livery inspection. I told him I think if we could do that, we could get perfect units out there every time. He responded, 'Well, yeah, you may be right . I guess we've just been paying our customers to do that.' That's the sort of thing I'm talking about. Just a profoundly different way of looking at things." Leigh says he is thankful to all his family, including his uncle, Lex, whom he mentioned several times throughout. "It's nice to have people like that, who you're related to, whom you can trust because you know they have nothing but your best interests at heart," he says. "And they have that knowledge and they're willing to help you."

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