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RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY July 2019 • RV PRO • 121 I f there is a strength to having family members working in your business, it's having that common driver of the family name behind the push to succeed. At Premier Custom Trailers in Schoolcraft, Mich., owner Brian Davis, wife and Controller Amy Davis and their sons Zack (parts and service manager) and Rusty (general manager) know that drive and know that the family that pulls together succeeds. "When working with family members you have the opportunity to spend the time with them that you never would if they worked elsewhere," Brian says. "You share the laughter, the success, stories and lean on each other when needed. Each day is a new experience!" On the other hand, getting much time together outside of the workday can be problematic at best. When four family members make up a good chunk of the overall team, Brian says it's pretty much impossible to take vacations together without robbing the business of its workforce. But working together with a common goal brings everybody closer together. "I oversee both of my sons. It can be tense at times, but overall we have the same goal in mind, we work through it," he says. "My wife used to say she works for me. As I see it, we are partners. We have always joked about that." B rian Copley of Copley's RV in Hobe Sound, Fla., is a wearer of many hats. "I'm the general manager, sales manager, salesman, lot boy, detailer, or whatever they want me to do," he says, laughing. When a dealership is primarily run by a family, the roles can vary up. But like his children – three, of which, have been working on the dealership lot since they were 8 years old – Copley has taken many roles in the business his grandfather began. One of the greatest things about working with family, he says, are the memories. In his mid-teens, Copley's grandfather – who was a bus driver before entering the industry – taught him how to back up an RV. "I use this today with customers that when you're backing up: everything's opposite," he explains. "You put your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel, and if your hand goes to the left, the back end goes to the left. If your back hand goes to the right, the back end goes to the right." It's one of the many lessons passed on over the 30 years he's worked at Copley's RV. In that time, he's worked with his uncles, aunts, cousins, and mom and dad. Currently, he and his sister, Michelle Durbin – who manages the financial side – primarily run the show. But he looks forward to retirement further down the line, having the family continue the business. "I started them out a little earlier," he says, laughing, "hoping that they would take over quicker." PREMIER CUSTOM TRAILERS BRIAN, AMY, ZACK AND RUSTY DAVIS COPLEY'S RV THE COPLEY FAMILY Brian Davis (left) and wife, Amy Brian Copley (right) with family members

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