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rv-pro.com July 2019 • RV PRO • 127 priorities. Can anything be done to ensure there is not another disruptive shutdown? Braun: Normally, that happens because we don't pass a budget here. So, there's nothing done other than brinksmanship, which gets solved by raising the debt limit through a continuing resolution. So, we run the biggest business in the world by the seats of its pants with no blueprint. I put a bill out there along with Sen. Rick Scott (R.-Fla.) that if we do not get a budget done with a year's notice, that nobody should get a paycheck here. I put out bills like getting rid of Congressional and Senatorial pensions because to me that's reverse incentive in a sense that you get nothing done. The longer you stay here, the more prosperous you become when you retire. Term limits – if they were enacted – would flush in a lot more talent that we have here that is not only smart, but that's run things before. When it comes to those kinds of things, I have to keep talking about it. Like I said earlier, in the meantime, I've got to slow my metabolism down to get through it. It's that crusty. RV PRO: You recently joined the RV Caucus. Was this simply in response to representing a state that includes a lot of RV manufacturers and suppliers, or was there more to it than that? Braun: I was on the Small Business Caucus and helped chair it for one year when I was a state legislator. There are many caucuses out here and I'll be a part of many more here than I was in the state- house because it's a way we at least see what's important in the field, stay tuned with what I call 'The real world.' Of course, when there is a good idea and something that needs to be corrected, we're up against the challenge of how long it takes to get anything done or changed here. So, I think they're still valuable so we stay grounded with the people who pay the bills for government and that constantly are bumping into government's own clum- siness, regulations and, until recently, even overbearing tax rates. RV PRO: Tariffs are a subject on the minds of a lot of RV, marine and automo- tive professionals, among others. What are you hearing from your constituents? Braun: It's mostly tariffs from China because it seems like most interaction with the RV industry in general has been vis-a-vis with China, although our two biggest trading partners are Canada and Mexico. Canada and Mexico announced in May that a deal has officially been fleshed out so now it's up to getting it through Congress and I'm hoping ... it doesn't get caught up in the politics of this place ... I think they (Democrats) would get a lot of polit- ical grief if they did it. I hope it's a clean acknowledgement of, 'Hey, that's going to 2019.07.01 - CURT - Half Page, RV Pro.indd 1 6/3/2019 2:48:29 PM

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