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rv-pro.com July 2019 • RV PRO • 131 • Service advisor/PDI advisor and/or delivery coordinator (10 to 15 minutes) These all should be realistic times and always depend on the customer as well. As you can see, it's clearly not just a couple of hours, so don't lead a customer down this path. In addition, texting and or emailing the customer a video explaining what is going to happen the day of delivery helps tre- mendously. There are dealerships that are enhancing this process by additionally sending a preliminary "demo video" on the camper that was purchased to help identify customer's knowledge during the demo/orientation process. Not to mention, this should speed up the entire process, due to the customer's knowledge. Internal Communication, Processes and Tools: The fol- lowing are processes, communication, and IT tools that may need to be implemented at your store to enhance the synergy needed for a proper delivery: • Proper usage of either a DMS Calendar, Google Calendar, i-Calendar, etc., to display all appropriate information/ time needed for a delivery. This is considered the "delivery calendar" and is in front of everyone to recognize and take appropriate action. • A "daily delivery meeting" to recognize proper coordination for the delivery, including solidifying the RV's availability for delivery. Typically, conversations about the customer's schedule for pick-up, warranty issues, up-sell installation progress, hitch work needed, and or parts availability, come up in these types of meetings. Additionally, when there are issues regarding the PDI/ delivery process, it will come up in these meetings. This allows you to identify, correct and implement the dealership processes that will enhance our delivery process. Typical people involved in this above-mentioned meeting are the GM, sales managers, business managers, service manager, PDI advisor, PDI foreman/ dispatcher, delivery coordinator, and lead clean-up personnel. This allows for the correct synergy and communication needed between departments and personnel to expedite the flow of deliveries and make necessary changes needed with all personnel present. You just need to decide when, and where, you will conduct these meetings. Identifying & Implementing Best Practices In some cases, the communication and tools mentioned are somewhat implemented at the dealership. However, are you acting on the opportunities when they arise – meaning identifying, dis- cussing, and implementing necessary changes that will impact your delivery process and enhance the customer's experience? These three basic processes are just a start to a proper customer experience, and will lead up to additional processes needed for a proper customer experience the day of delivery … that may just be another article in the future! Have a great selling season and happy camping. Call or text us for a no-charge evaluation to learn where your greatest opportunities are - (813) 951-6586 Email: info@aworldoftraining.com R V P R O D U C T S G R O U P ® 365 W. Victoria St. • Compton, CA 90220 • 800-347-2232 • www.norcoind.com/bal Lock-Arm Stabilizing Bar Model 23216 1 Box for Front OR Rear TENT CAMPER TRAVEL TRAILER 5TH WHEEL BUY 1 BOX WEEKENDER FULL-TIMER Watch Video: 1 Box for Rear 1 Box for Front TRAVEL TRAILER 5TH WHEEL 2 Boxes for Front 1 Box for Rear BUY 2 BOXES BUY 3 BOXES U.S. CONTENT

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