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132 • RV PRO • July 2019 rv-pro.com F ollowing RVX: The RV Experience event in March in Salt Lake City, questions and speculation have arisen regarding the timing and location of the event, RVs that were spotlighted during The Reveal event, how that event was judged, and more. Recently, RV PRO spoke with Liz Crawford, RV Industry Association senior vice president of trade shows and events, to address some of those ques- tions and concerns. The following are highlights of those remarks, which have been edited for clarity and brevity. RV PRO: Talk about the nine con- sumer segments, and how those catego- ries were developed and then put into motion through The Reveal and The RVX Sales Navigator. Crawford: When we designed the Reveal consumer categories, we went to Go RVing to delve into how a consumer searches for RVs, both on their website, and other consumer sites. Outside of key word searches like "fifth wheel" or "motorhome" we wanted to identify how consumers see themselves using an RV. Through that research, we saw that folks were looking at RVs as "family oriented", pet friendly, city friendly, sustainable, tailgating, and more. Through this we picked the top nine seg- ments, and the Reveal categories were born. We wanted to obviously connect those dots from the product, to the way consumers use the vehicles. This was important. RV PRO: What information can you provide about the judges who selected the category spotlights for the nine categories? Crawford: When we chose the judges, we also looked at Go RVing social influencers, outdoor social influencers, travel, tech, family RVers, Millennial RVers, and chose those judges based on their RV experiences, but also new, potential RV consumers who we know were looking at purchasing. We kept the judges confidential to our staff, to the manufacturers, and to each other, so that each judge would not be influenced in their decisions. Each OEM was asked to submit product they felt fit into each of the nine segments, and our judges took it from there. Some of the judges traveled to Elkhart, to Open House, and to Tampa to see the product 'incognito'. Then, they were asked to choose the top five to seven in each category. All products RVX: The RV Experience Myth Busters RVIA VP Liz Crawford shares insights on what RVX attendees liked about the event and what they felt could be improved, offers clarification on judges and product highlights selected for The Reveal, and addresses other questions and concerns. Staff Reports One of the issues to arise with The Reveal was RVIA's decision to keep the identity of the judges confidential. RVIA stated that judges included Go RVing and outdoor social influencers, among others, but otherwise kept their identities under wraps so that judges would not be unduly influenced by manufacturers or others. B U S I N E S S

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