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rv-pro.com July 2019 • RV PRO • 135 we also provide specific messaging to them (segmentation) to identify the most likely to attend, the least likely, etc. We also look at our NPS, or Net Promoter Score – which again is a very common way for any brand to mea- sure value and customer loyalty. Most companies are very familiar with this measurement tool, and I'm sure your readers and advertisers use this tool as well. We look at our promoters and detractors and reach a score. Here's how that has tracked: Attendee NPS by year: 2015: +38 2016: +40 2017: +49 The biggest jump was from 2016 to 2017 – which is when our team intro- duced the awards and the Top Tech Chal- lenge. We also looked at the top reasons why an attendee came to the show, versus the value received when attending. The No. 1 reason (87 percent) was to see new products and the satisfaction rating on that was 88 percent. Some of the other top reasons were networking and seeing new technology. On the negative side, attendees, from the past, felt that the old National show was dated and difficult to navigate, and they had already done their order writing somewhere else. RV PRO: What did the NPS tell you about how RVX was received? Crawford: For RVX, the NPS was +42 for the onsite survey we performed, and a +20 for the post-show survey. The attendees agree that "the event will foster continuous improvement for the RV industry, which could ultimately lead to increase consumer interest". Their top objectives – to meet with partners, see the latest RV technology and network with their peers – were met, and 60 percent believe RVX was better than prior shows. These dealers had a higher net buying influence than in past surveys and 61 percent said they would probably attend in 2020. Obviously, the biggest concern from dealers that drove a lower NPS was due to timing. Dealer principals attended RVX, but it was tough for dealer per- sonnel to leave their stores. The reality is RVX hit a nerve among the industry: It was a complete pivot from what had been done in the past and those who came loved it and want more ... but perhaps at a different time of year. RV PRO: Any insights you can share on overlooked wins coming out of RVX? And anything that could be improved upon moving forward? Crawford: The media stories coming out of RVX are spectacular and never seen before in this industry. In that regard, and many others, the show was a win. Now we need to refocus on delivering that same value to more dealers at a dif- ferent time of year. RV PRO: Some are concerned the Task Force has no dealers. What is your response? Crawford: We had to start with our members, and address concerns among them. The conversations and meetings with dealers are also underway, and you'll be seeing more on that for sure. RVIA saw the biggest jump in its NPS from 2016 to 2017, which is when the show team introduced the Top Tech Challenge and the combined RVIA-RVDA awards program.

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