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I t's hard to think of Traverse City, Mich.-based Stromberg Carlson without an image of President Bob Brammer and his brother, Vice President Charlie Brammer, coming to mind. If Bob is THE company, Charlie is his right-hand man and stand-in when things get tough. "Our common shared history gives us understanding of each other and helps us to use that to peering into the future plans for our company," Bob says. Bob was the first to join the family business in 1983. He was hired out of college when his dad and the business were struggling. Trying to expand the supplier outside the RV industry hadn't worked out like expected. Charlie was hired in on a second shift while he was still in college in 1985. After graduation, he worked for a large auto company, but a year or so later, Bob lured him back to town for an office position and the two have been together ever since. "There have been times when we have had to drop every- thing to cover for each other," Bob says. "I know I can ask that of Charlie and he will help me out." Just before the NTP show, one of Bob's friends' son com- mitted suicide. Bob said he was useless in San Diego to his friend, so Charlie flew out that day to cover the show and Bob flew home on the red eye to console his friend and family. "Biggest show of the year versus best friend," Bob says. "Charlie didn't judge my actions; he allowed them and stepped up and did all he could." B o b s ays i t i s i m p o r t a nt t o remember that a family is still a family. If there is dysfunction at home, then working together is only going to become a multiplier to that disfunction. "That's also what make it more special – navigating job responsibil- ities, expectations and results not just pass the dressing, please," he says. "We get sick of each other and love each other. I'm trying to help him be successful, and he is pushing me to be successful all the time we are simply brothers." RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY July 2019 • RV PRO • 27 STROMBERG CARLSON BOB AND CHARLIE BRAMMER Bob (top) and Charlie Brammer (left) head Stromberg Carlson.

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