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JULY SPECIAL SECTION 34 • RV PRO • July 2019 RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY W hen a husband-and-wife team has such a varying set of skills between them, the payoff can be magical in business terms. Bryn and Sonya Giuliani, second-generation owners of Specialty Recreation, definitely aren't going to duplicate each other's efforts in running the company. Bryn has the business acumen and know-how of the industry – having grown up as the son of Brian Giuliani, one of the founders of the original Bri-Rus Inc., which became Specialty Recreation with the next generation. Sonya is the marketing manager and special- izes in getting the company's products recognized in the market. But that doesn't mean the two don't offer input on how each can best help the business succeed. "We can bounce ideas off each other outside of business hours," Bryn says. "We talk about plans future plans and future products. Maybe just it's too much too much business all the time. It's hard to just stop thinking about business." Sonya says their differences are actually a huge benefit to her. She didn't grow up in the RV industry like her husband but has a background in marketing. So, each has knowledge that helps the other overcome shortcomings. "So, for me, it's great to be able to go back to him and him explain things because there is so many things in the RV industry in that we know, like every two coaches are not alike," she says. "And so that took me a while to wrap my head around not like buying a car where you know this coach has this these components in there or this car has its component in and they're pretty much all the same down the line. So, there's a huge learning curve so for me when it comes to trade show season time, and that's especially true when we're traveling." Sonya says the two of them work together like yin and yang. Where she is creative, Bryn is more focused on the day-to-day operation of making the business succeed. The two of them work hand-in-hand but have completely different roles. Sonya says she got involved with the creative side of the business when Bryn wanted some help with a project for a trade show in San Antonio. She said she came up with a clipboard that featured images and dimensions of the company's skylights. It was so successful, it set the stage for more work. "But I think that's where it started," she says. "And then it just kind of escalated and then he got to the point where it's like, OK SPECIALTY RECREATION BRYN AND SONYA GIULIANI you're doing all of the marketing because he's also really busy, so it takes a lot off his plate." Bryn says the couple works best when it comes to trade shows. "You'll get some dealers that can relate better with her," he says. "So, it's nice to have her in the booth with me because she has a really good personality. Plus, I can get out and see new things and talk to people while she's working in the booth."

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