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JULY SPECIAL SECTION 36 • RV PRO • July 2019 RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY W ho needs a human resources department or job recruiters when you have Jim and Marlene Boyle on staff? Jim, a production supervisor in off line lamination, has been with REV Group for 34 years. Marlene retired after 32 years. But between them, they managed to recommend their children, step-children and the kids' spouses for jobs with the RV manufacturer. Shelly (Hess) Smith is a customer response team member and has been on board for 23 years. Dan Smith is a group leader with Paint #2 and has worked there for 35 years. Scott Hess is a group leader with Final Finish Exterior and worked for 27 years. Cheryl Thomas is an assembler in Department 21 and has worked for 21 years. Joe Hess also works in Paint Department 21 and has worked for seven years. Marlene recommended Shelly for the job, and Shelly met Dan while working there. The two were married and their daughter later won an American Coach scholarship that contributed to her education to become a registered nurse. "I have worked in the paint department most of my years," Shelly says. "My husband has taught me a lot. He has taught me my work ethic; you get up every morning and go to work. My mom has taught me that also and to work hard, and do your job right." Dan says having his wife as a co-worker gives him someone he can trust to talk to. "You always have someone to lean on to help trouble shoot so you work smarter not harder," he says. Scott joined the company with the recommendation of Jim and Marlene and was able to recommend his own son, Joe, for his position. That family work ethic is mentioned by each of the mem- bers and has carried on to the next generation. "My mom and step-dad made me work when I was young because they said if you want it you have to work for it," Scott says. Cheryl met Scott after being hired at Fleetwood. The couple works in the same building, although not directly together. She says she has learned lessons from the family about work life, though. "That being at your job is a privilege, but also a responsibility because the company and your co-workers depend on you to be there when you can be," she says. For Joe, the ins and outs of the job, as well as his work ethic, were taught by family. "I've learned a lot about paint and the process," he says. "My family taught me how important it is to show up to work on time." Jim and Marlene are proud of their family and the life lessons they have learned while working together. "We all know this industry is up and down by the economy," Jim says. "We have been very fortunate in the aspect that we all have been able to provide for our families. As far as work ethics, that is learned at a young age and carries on throughout your life." Marlene was a single mother of three when she started with the company where she met her future husband. She was fortunate enough to have never been laid off in her career. She says she is proud of her family and the contributions they have made to REV Group. "My family has always been hard workers, which I helped have a hand in," she says. "It has given us a nice life for me and my family. My supervisor told me that if he had workers like my family he would have it a lot easier." REV GROUP SHELLY (HESS) SMITH, DAN SMITH, SCOTT HESS, JIM BOYLE, MARLENE BOYLE, CHERYL THOMAS AND JOE HESS From left to right, Joe Hess, Scott Hess, Marlene Boyle, Jim Boyle, Dan Smith, Shelly Smith (Hess)

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