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JULY SPECIAL SECTION W hen a couple works in the same industry but for different companies, "shop talk" at home often can just mean, "I don't want to talk about it." Tracy Anglemeyer, senior manager for aftermarket, has been with Elkhart, Ind.-based Furrion since 2018. Husband Christopher Mandell, a general manager at Forest River, has been with the manufacturer since 2010. And anybody who has spent a day on their feet at a trade show watching their Fit Bit set a record for the most number of steps in a single day knows that reliving the day in a conversa- tion is the last thing you want to do when it's all said and done. "They understand when I've been at a show all day and I don't want to talk," Anglemeyer says. "They also understand how being on the road is not glitz and glamour and what goes into a successful business trip." Once upon a time, the couple worked at the same company and even at competing companies. But even now working at companies on different segments of the same industry, things haven't changed that much. "The dynamics of the RV industry are so unique that there isn't a huge variance," Anglemeyer says. "One story we have is how we first met. We were both working the Providence show for competing manufacturers. I was actually sick with the flu and heading to the restroom when I was stopped by a dealer friend of mine who wanted to introduce me to his new rep. "Of course, I was cordial with, 'Nice to meet you, I need to go puke.' I hardly remember it and was definitely not at my best, but he remembers it vividly. We started dating about four months later and got married four years later." Although Anglemeyer and Mandell say there is no downside to sharing the industry, their children might disagree. "When the kids were in high school we would get, 'Do you guys ever talk about anything other than RVs?' The other one was 'Do you ever put your phone down? We are on vacation.' It's nice to have someone else to analyze or bounce things off of." Both have worked in the RV industry since the 1990s and have seen many changes through the years. Both have made job changes as necessary to advance careers and survive in the down times. "I used to be called the baby and now I'm called mom," Angle- meyer says. "We have met a lot of people in this close-knit industry and quite a few that I am happy to call friends." FURRION & FOREST RIVER TRACY ANGLEMEYER AND CHRISTOPHER MANDELL 38 • RV PRO • July 2019 RV PRO: ALL IN THE FAMILY

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