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66 • RV PRO • July 2019 rv-pro.com R V M A N U F A C T U R E R S S ometimes, the greatest innovations are born out lessons learned – and that is certainly true for P.J. Tezza, creator of the ModVan. Tezza's journey to invention began when his kids left home, and he and his wife, Laurie, planned a month-long road trip. They decided an RV presented a great opportunity for their adventure, so they purchased a used 26-foot Class C motorhome. The trip was a huge success. "We loved it!" Tezza says. "We liked being able to take our dogs, camp out on Forest Service roads, and go wherever we wanted without making hotel reservations." Trouble began, however, when the couple returned home to Berkeley, Calif. Dotting the landscape in this community along the east shore of San Francisco Bay is a sea of super hilly and curvy roadways. "Driving a 26-foot RV is challenging in that environment," Tezza says. "We only had street parking, too, and our RV was so big, it eclipsed the entire house when we parked in front of it." The couple eventually paid to park their RV elsewhere. However, that wasn't practical. The lot where they kept the motorhome was some distance away, making it hard to grab it quickly for a weekend getaway. That is when Tezza began dreaming of a better option. "I liked RVing, but I wanted something significantly smaller, and lighter weight. But nobody made what I wanted." So, Tezza contracted with a custom outfitter to do a camper- van conversion. The appointment was a year away, but Tezza bought the van immediately. In the months that followed, it sat in the driveway until Tezza began converting it himself. He installed a bed, built cabinets, and added mini-van seats, among other features. In the end, he had crafted a modular camper van that allowed him to add and remove pieces as he saw fit. Since that time, Tezza and his wife have launched a business around their modern camper van with pop-up top. ModVans, based in Ventura, Calif., sells the ModVan CV1 – a full-fea- tured camper van, family van and work van in one – directly to consumers, with plans to add a dealer network down the road. The concept seems to be catching on. During The Reveal at RVX: The RV Experience, the ModVan CV1 took spotlight honors in the Van Life category, recognized by judges for its modular design, affordability, driveability and serviceability. The RV manufacturer's CV1 unit is a camper van that doubles as cargo hauler and family vehicle. ModVan Updates Camper Van Concept By Ronnie Wendt Above: The ModVan camper van is built on the Ford Transit T350 full-size van, which offers a modern spaceframe- based chassis and a high-tech, twin-turbo, direct-injection engine. The company says the Transit is easy to drive, gets good gas mileage and is easy to park, and it can be serviced anywhere Ford vehicles are maintained.

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