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AUGUST 2019 THE SHOP 15 1 Swipe or Dip If you have a customer in front of you, swiping or dipping the card will get you a lower rate than manually keying in the same card. Interchange rates are closely related to risk—the more risk a transaction holds, typically the more expensive it is. When you key in a card manually, the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) see that as card-not-present. Any time a card is considered to be away from the point of sale, higher risk is implied, thus there's a higher cost for that transaction. Long story short: if you can see the whites of their eyes, swipe or dip the card. Do everything you can to avoid manually keying in a transaction. 2 Data, Data, Data If you operate in a card-not- present world (e-commerce or mail/telephone orders), the more customer information you can provide, the lower your rate will be. With every transaction, providing the AVS information, which is the customers' street address and ZIP code, will help Several factors affect the actual cost of accepting payment with a credit card— industry, customer card type, processing method, settlement time, etc. Many variables also impact what your customer's card actually costs you. • • • • CTech MFG storage solutions fit any build; home garage, commercial shop, motorsport pit area/pit wall, trailer hauler/trade profession, and of course ADVENTURE VANS! Key Features: MotionLatch Drawers & Doors - the patented CTech exclusive stay-closed latch. Aluminum Construction - panels, Aluminum Construction - panels, extrusions, and handles are all aluminum to save weight. Powder Coat finish - premium powder coat finish applied in house for a quality finish held up to CTech standards. Configurable Products - 'built-to-order' is the name of the game so each product is built to your specifications, giving the best storage solution for your specific needs. TOURIG specializes in adventure van conversions and is a premium partner of CTech MFG, utilizing CTech cabinets in all of their amazing builds! Make your dream a reality.... ALUMINUM CARTS, CABINETS & DRAWERS • All aluminum construction • Custom/Configurable options at standard pricing • Cabinet modules: Base/Bench, Overhead, Wall & Closet WWW.CTECHMANUFACTURING.COM ALUMINUM Carts, Cabinets & Drawers WWW.CTECHMANUFACTURING.COM

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