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18 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 You can also buy complete frames and chassis from, azproperfor-,, speedtech-, and Auto journalist and Paintucation man Kevin Tetz is using a schwartzperformance. com chassis for his Hands on Cars' C-Tane project. The problem isn't one of availability, the problem is one of deciding from all the options. For example, truckandcarshop. com has separate 150-page catalogs for 1947-'59, 1960-'72 and 1973-'87 trucks. 'A GREAT PLACE TO START' If you're starting out in the hobby, as is 19-year-old Michael Hope, it's best to not bite off more than you can chew. Michael is a valuable crewmember on his grandfa- ther's AA/Fuel Altered Rat Trap, and his '84 short-bed that will be used to support the racecar is his first real build. "These trucks are a great place to start," Hope says. "They're plentiful, not too expensive, there are a ton of parts avail- able and they're easy to work on." Rather than a new frame, he opted for a RideTech tubular A-arm front suspension and No Limit Engineering 4-link in the rear with Viking coil-overs all around. "The frame is plenty strong," he notes. "I just wanted it lower to look more like Thom Taylor's rendering." Gone is the stock powertrain, replaced with a Chevrolet Performance 350-ci crate engine and a 700R4 trans. Still under con- struction at the time of writing, Hope plans to hot-rod the motor with Holley's Sniper EFI assembly including the Sniper ignition system and long-tube headers. "Holley has it figured out," Hope says. "I don't need to reinvent the wheel by mixing parts." To show what can be done on the south side of '67, we went to check out Dave Keister's stack-injected, Gasser-style '65 being built at Jimmy Shine's speed shop. From its straight-tube axle up front to its Holley Performance Products' shop truck project showed how late-model, high-tech engines can work nicely in the roomy engine bays of C10 pickups. Rendering of the Chip Foose-designed "C/28" 1967 project. C10 Powerful changes coming in 2020 Silverados:

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