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22 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 Obviously, being primarily a work truck, you have to consider the condition of the bed and what it might cost in time and trouble to restore or even replace it. Many of these working trucks are being pulled out of the Snow Belt because they are invariably cheaper than trucks from the dry Southwest—many of which have already been picked. So, look all over—and especially under- neath—for signs of rust or hasty repair. Yes, it's all fixable and the panels are available, but at what cost? Talking of rust, also beware of the paint. A freshly painted truck or a truck in primer can be a bad sign. Primer can cover a mul- titude of sins, especially if the seller says, "Oh, we were just getting ready to paint it." "Far better to buy a rougher truck that has original paint and even original rust," advises Mick Jenkins of Mick's Paint. "As least you can see what you're buying." And, of course, the barn find patina look is all the rage right now, so what's a little wear and tear to worry about? My final piece of purchasing advice is to beware of buying sight unseen off the internet. Don't get me wrong, the internet is a great way of finding a vehicle, but beware of the unscrupulous seller and go look at the vehicle and take a friend for an unbiased second opinion. I have too many friends who have made purchases only to find that the other side of the truck, the side not shown in the photographs, is not up to par—sometimes not even there. To be honest, I have not been this enthu- siastic about a trend in a long time, but a C10 provides a roomy, comfortable cab, plenty of power and the ability to haul stuff. I'm down. Born in England, Tony Thacker is an accredited automotive journalist, author and book publisher, and served as mar- keting director at the famed SO-CAL Speed Shop. ID plates are necessary for positive vehicle identification and, in some cases, registration. C10 If you're just getting into customizing, C10's are a great place to start. C10s and Blazers are easy to love, offering a roomy, comfortable cab, plenty of power and the ability to haul stuff. The vehicles are plentiful, but as original workhorses, their con- ditions can vary greatly, so it's best to inspect them in person.

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