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24 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 The performance clutch market is still going strong. Keep the customer's end use in mind when selecting the best clutch setup for each application. (Photos cour- tesy Fidanza Performance) MOMENTUM So, let's engage those experts to share some of that knowledge and get your clutch business out of neutral. MORE TO LOVE? Performance shops recognized long ago that higher horsepower numbers and stronger clutches go hand in hand. And, with social media now allowing racers and fans to share their numbers quickly with large groups, it's no surprise that a main market trend is toward more robust applications—even if they aren't always fully warranted. "One of the trends that we have seen is an increased use of twin-disc and multi- disc clutches," says Jeff Jenkins, owner of Fidanza Performance in Perry, Ohio. "For vehicles with very high power outputs this is great, but we do see this trend making its way into everyday street cars as well. With the great advances in pressure plate design and improvements to the clutch disc material, a twin- or multi-disc is often more SHIFT D etroit and the aftermarket may be increasing the numbers and speeds of automatic transmissions in new vehicle offerings, but that hasn't slowed down the demand for manual shift clutches at all. In fact, the performance clutch market is showing no signs of downshifting. Contin- uous advancements in materials, technology and construction methodology are still in full swing, as drivers seek every bit of power and control on the street or at the track. Clutch manufacturers are enjoying them- selves these days, creating new and better parts to keep pace with rising horsepower ratings. And they have plenty to share with aftermarket shops hoping to learn more about everything from installation tips and sales recommendations to early notice on the next hot trends. By John Carollo

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