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26 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 owners wanting to have the most fun with their vehicles. "Grassroots events like autocross and drifting are having a great impact on the performance clutch market," explains Will Baty, media relations/R&D at Centerforce Clutches in Prescott, Arizona. "Events like LS Fest and NMCA make it easier and more accessible for people to enjoy their car to its full potential in a safe environment. These events allow for people to truly feel the difference a performance clutch makes, and it's been reflected in our sales." But that doesn't mean the manual trans- mission industry can rest on its laurels. "As an OEM and performance manu- facturer, we're seeing two trends that are affecting the market. The first is the decline in the number of new performance vehi- cles being manufactured with a traditional manual transmission," notes James Young, sales manager (NA), EXEDY Globalparts in Van Buren Township, Michigan. "The second is the number of current perfor- mance and race vehicles being switched to an automatic transmission-type setup." TIPS FOR A SMOOTH INSTALLATION Still, with a high number of clutch jobs expected, shops will want to get installa- tions right the first time. The manufac- turers offer some tips to make the process as smooth as possible. "The most common error is thinking that all clutches install the same way," Scheid warns. "It is vital that any shop be well-versed on the particular brand of clutch they are installing. At McLeod, we are proud to be starting a Certified Installer Program that allows installers to get certi- fied as someone who has been trained to install McLeod products. The certification is for the individual and can follow him/her to any shop they may work at. It works very similar to SAE's certification programs." When it comes to getting things just right, Baty notes that a common mistake is not HOT CLUTCH PRODUCTS Manufacturers list their in- demand clutch-related products: EXEDY GLOBALPARTS Hot Product: New twin-disc organic clutch kits for the Mustang GT Features & Benefits: New stamped steel nickel-plated cover and ductile iron material cover and pressure plate with increased clamp load; floating strap drive to enhance engagement and improve disengagement and disc life; dowel pins to improve balance while preventing power loss; patented Ultra Fiber disc CENTERFORCE CLUTCHES Hot Product: DYAD clutch Features & Benefits: High horsepower- and torque-holding capacities while maintaining OE drivability and feel; true sprung hub disc; made from quality components in the USA MCLEOD RACING Hot Product: Power Pack combo packs with an RST or RXT twin-disc clutch and an aluminum or steel flywheel Features & Benefits: Everything needed to do the job right the first time; prod- ucts designed to work together; dis- counted price over buying the parts individually FIDANZA PERFORMANCE Hot Product: V1 & V2 level clutches Features & Benefits: V1 level designed for first-phase upgrades such as air intake, exhaust, suspension and tire modifications, but the engine is left mostly stock; V2 level is six-puck, cerametallic designed for next-phase modifications Grassroots competitions like autocross and drifting are having a great impact on the performance clutch market. Having a well-informed sales team that knows the advantages and disadvantages of the products will translate into an increase in performance clutch sales. (Photos courtesy Centerforce Clutches)

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