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AUGUST 2019 THE SHOP 27 setting up the hydraulic bearing properly. "It's important to read and follow the instructions, because all manufacturers have different methods for installations and specifications for torque," he says. He also reminds installers of the proper break-in process. "This is an easy step that just requires 500 easy stop-and-go miles, but can have a lasting impact on the longevity of the clutch life," he adds. Young reminds installers to follow the manufacturer's instructions/parameters on bolt torque and clutch break- in. "Another mistake we see a lot is, when installing a kit with a hydraulic throw-out-bearing, always be sure to bench-bleed it before you install it," he adds. "Not doing this leads to an array of new problems." Jenkins believes the installation process begins by making the proper product selec- tion before any work is done. "One of the biggest problems we have found is that most people end up choosing to put in a clutch that is overrated for what they need. Almost every clutch manufac- turer offers many versions of clutches, so the average Joe can easily get over- whelmed," he says. "When in doubt, most people will choose to go for more power, even when that isn't the best thing to do. They often forget that the clutch is sup- posed to be a point of expected slippage. It is better for the clutch to slip, as designed, than for it to be so strong that the power needs to go back into the driveline to find something else to break like a driveshaft or transmission." WINNING STRATEGIES A strong sales effort will ensure your clutch work remains consistent. Tried-and-true methods still work best, insiders say. "Understanding the product you are selling is a very successful tip for shops to increase their performance clutch sales,"

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