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AUGUST 2019 THE SHOP 31 hired his first employee—his son, Eder Plascencia—to manage the new business. Eder then brought in his friend and co- worker of four years, David Sanchez, to work with him. Like so many of us in the automotive industry, they're passionate about motors- ports. While working in the exhaust business, Eder would build custom systems for his own race cars and those of his friends. Now with his own shop, he and Sanchez can build custom exhaust systems full-time. Eder Plascencia and Sanchez remained the only two employees until 2019 when Eder hired Steven Plascencia—who, they swear, is not related to Eder and José! They weren't actually looking for another employee, but "he started hanging around and just didn't go away," according to Eder. So, he hired Steven to handle sales and marketing. STARTING SMALL When they built the business, José and Eder didn't go out and buy a lot of expen- sive new tools that would break the budget. "We didn't want to take out a lot of big loans and we work with the tools that we're comfortable with. We're slowly building the business and not overreaching," Eder says. The team works out of a single indoor bay where it does emissions and California smog check work. There's also an outdoor lift, with room to work on a few more cars on the ground if necessary. Pointing to the lift, Eder says, "Soon, this area will be enclosed, too." Considering the weather that southern California has been experiencing lately, that enclosure will probably be a lot more appreciated than one would think. Helping the community has always been at the heart of Pacific Speed. In fact, it's also the backbone. When Sanchez and Plascencia worked in the exhaust industry before opening the doors to the shop, their friends in racing were always asking them to do custom work on their race cars. They found a need and addressed it by opening the new business. Other service lines naturally followed. For instance, as with most exhaust shops, they do a lot of welding. The business has grown steadily in the past six years. The biggest driver for growth has been the company's reputa- tion for doing custom mods for race cars. That includes custom welding work such Founded in 2013 by Eder's father, José Plascencia, Pacific Speed is a small local shop that has built a big reputation among local racers.

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