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32 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 as seats and seat brackets, steering wheels and columns. And, after a particularly wet track day, some custom bodywork on Eder's GTO. ALL IN A DAY'S WORK The Plascencias love their work. Eder says the best part of the job is "having the freedom to express our own vision onto the customer's vehicle." Meanwhile, Steven says that it's "watching people leave and seeing them stoked" about their mods. In the customization industry, "you challenge yourself as much as you can," Plascencia explains, in order to make the best, the fastest, the most powerful custom mods around. To hear the throaty sound of a custom rod leaving the shop is considered a reward in itself. But it's not all fun and games for Pacific Speed, because every day requires making a very tough decision. "We can never decide what to order for lunch," explains Steven. When we came to visit the shop, we learned just how true that can be. While there are surprisingly few fast food joints in their section of Pomona, there are quite a number of good restaurants around. While we settled on mulitas at the Mexican restau- rant next door (it was Monday, so that was the special of the day), the French Dip joint around the corner looked equally tempting. INTERNET PLANS Plascencia explains that when the com- pany was founded, it immediately created a website ( Early on, however, the group decided that it was relying too heavily on the internet to generate business, so it was taken down in order to concentrate on more personalized service. Since the shop's focus was—and still is— customizing for speed, it began advertising at local tracks and in publications geared toward street performance. Without the distraction of internet sales, Plascencia notes, the company was able to build up a loyal, happy local client base. Now that it is well-established, it will soon be re-initiating the website. Once it is relaunched, Pacific Speed will use it to sell the 600-plus lines of automotive products it represents and uses, including MagnaFlow, Vibrant Performance, NRG Innovations, K&N Engineering, Xprite USA, APEX Integration (A'PEXi), Kansei Wheels, Nitto Tire and more. However, the plan is to use the rede- signed site for more than simply making additional sales. The other goal is to help build a motorsports community, whether it's drifting, off-road racing, Time Attack, drag racing or any other class. While the group wasn't ready to release specifics at the time that we visited, Steven explains that the plan is to "use our resources to assist the racing community and to help build it to where it used to be." Eder adds, "There is plenty of room for growth in the motorsports industry and we want to build a relationship with everyone." CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS The motorsports industry is very close-knit and the team at Pacific Speed likes to bring that closeness to its work. "The shops in the area are close" and help each other out when needed. They compare it to race day, when competitors assist each other at the racetrack. Because it isn't a shop that does every possible customization and instead sticks to what it knows it's good at, Pacific Speed sublets some work to industry friends. For instance, when a customer's car needs to be tuned, they send it to Animal Auto, and if it needs a new set of shoes, Andy's Tires gets the call. CUSTOM EXHAUST WORK Of course, Pacific Speed i s n't i n b u s i n e s s t o replace tires or tune motors. Its main b u s i n e s s i s 32 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 The shop serves a diverse customer base. Sam, a regular at Pacific Speed, stopped in to get some work done on his 1952 Chevy—a car that he has been customizing, with help from the Plascencias, since he purchased it and had it hauled in from Georgia. A single indoor lift is used to knock out emissions and California smog check work, while an outdoor lift—which will soon be enclosed—and even the ground serve as added locations for custom projects. Bringing It All Together

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