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AUGUST 2019 THE SHOP 33 custom exhaust systems. When a customer comes in, the team uses its com- bined experience to design the best system for their needs, with plenty of options. Every job done at Pacific Speed is a custom job, and "we'll only put on parts that we'd put on our own cars," explains Steven. Once the design is set, Sanchez removes the old pipes and builds the system using Vibrant pipes and MagnaFlow mufflers. While the team can do almost any kind of custom welding, race systems are its bread-and-butter. No shortcuts are taken— after all, the guys will be seeing most of their customers out on the track! While most vehicles that come in are late-model sports cars, the shop does serve a diverse customer base. While we were there, Sam, a regular customer at Pacific Speed, stopped in to get some work done on his 1952 Chevy—a car that he has been customizing, with help from the Plascencias, since he purchased it and had it hauled in from Georgia. Finally, we asked Eder why the name Pacific Speed? He replied that "we (José and Eder) chose the name Pacific because all the cool stuff (in the automotive world) comes from countries that border the Pacific. Countries like the USA, Japan, Australia…" Just like their exhaust systems, that sounds pretty good. JOHN MCCABE is a Los Angeles-based auto and tech writer and filmmaker. He can be reached at Like many custom exhaust shops, Pacific Speed handles plenty of welding jobs 20 % OFF 866-887-4487 Call and mention this ad for Drivetrain Parts at RANDYS RANDYSWORLDWIDE.COM

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