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46 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 must be set up to accommodate com- mercial workflow. That includes clear, dedicated sections with, preferably, highly qualified technicians and skilled tradesmen. Matt Daniels of Van Products in Wilm- ington and Raleigh, North Carolina, says his company hangs its hat on quality crafts- manship. "We have a low turnover rate, with a lot of our installers having been here 20-plus years," he notes. "Our biggest thing is quality vs. quantity. Our techs care about what's going in the vehicle. There are times these bids go elsewhere and find their way back to us for repair because they weren't installed correctly from the start." On a side note, Smith of CargoGlide mentions that shops that have skilled fab- ricators on staff tend to do more volume compared to those that rely solely on bolt- on applications. Meanwhile, Daniels and Bride agree that beyond having a proper workspace and dedicated team of skilled technicians to lead commercial installations, shops must be able to complete the fleet bids quickly and efficiently. " To m a k e yo u r s e l f competitive as a fleet solution, the install teams need to be ready, worksta- tions set, install times down and Innovative products that solve worksite challenges are in high demand. (Photo courtesy Stowe Cargo Systems) Protection for tools is an extremely impor- tant feature for busy professionals on the go. (Photo courtesy Stowe Cargo Sys- tems) The expecta- tion today is for vehicles to be multi-functional for personal and profes- sional use. (Photo courtesy Truck Covers USA) WORK IT OUT Product manu- facturers are keep- ing a close eye on the evolving opportunities in the work vehicle mar- ket. (Photo courtesy Westin Automotive Products) Owners want aftermar- ket brands and prod- ucts that are tried and true, offering the same quality and versatility as the vehicles them- selves. (Photo cour- tesy Truck Covers USA)

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