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48 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 volume and quality up," Smith says. "You have to get it right the first time." As an example, Bride explains, "One fleet account of ours just drops the vehicles off with a sheet of paper and a turnaround expectation of three to four days, tops. In that time, we need to secure the product and complete the installation. That's where a distribution partner like Keystone Automotive makes a difference, because they can get me product by the next day. I don't have to stock it, and what I need is at my fingertips." For Daniels, "as an Adrian Steel and Ranger Designs dealer, so long as we have the vehicles in hand, then Van Products can turn the installation around in 48 hours." Bride admits that it is not an easy task to establish a long-standing rapport with local dealerships, but once a shop is able to do so, a steady flow of business is the reward. CARGOGLIDE CargoGlide is a company squarely aimed at the working-class commu- nity. Hobie Smith, director of sales and marketing, explains that the owners— once licensed HVAC professionals— were tired of the same old struggles and, welding away in their home ga- rages, set out to change how profes- sionals could safely maximize the use of their vehicles. The company's cargo solutions are rooted in proper ergonomics and ex- tending 100-percent out of a truck or van. They come in a variety of applica- tions, including custom sizes, and can hold up to 2,200 pounds. "Because of the way our line is set up, our custom units can be made very quickly," Smith adds. The latest innovation is a WallSlide designed for both trucks and vans. It features a powder-coated steel frame- work that supports the sliding walls, along with a solid sheet of 1/8-inch aluminum from which shelving can be attached, and includes remote-con- trolled motor options. STOWE CARGO SYSTEMS Stowe Cargo dates back to 2008, when automotive engineer Paul Chap- man developed a system of custom- designed storage solutions. Chapman understands the role a work truck can play in a professional's livelihood, es- pecially where tools are concerned. "Your tools are there for you through thick and thin," the company notes. "You have to protect them with the highest-caliber toolbox and tonneau cover combo on the market." Made in the USA, the company in- stituted an assembly cell concept in lieu of an assembly line, resulting in a dedicated operator responsible for the quality of a particular unit. "Ultimately, we assemble products that are consistent with the fit, qual- ity and durability of original equipment parts and use advanced manufac- turing techniques and materials to achieve this," Chapman explains. TRUCK COVERS USA Truck Covers USA is GSA-approved and a leading choice among the U.S. Marine Corps. as well as other com- mercial projects, from the Department of Homeland Security to city lifeguard fleets. The company specializes in the retractable hard roll cover market, with production of its American Roll Cover. "Whether it is their personal vehicle, part of their fleet or their workhorse, a truck is made to serve its owner as best capable. Our cover is made to do just that," the company notes. Kim Tremelling, marketing and sales manager, explains the company's fo- cus on commercial business opportu- nities. "We found that truck owners and fleet operators were looking for a stur- dy, reliable ladder rack to carry weight on a tonneau of equal quality," she says. "I want to have my customer, the upfitter, install our product with confi- dence, and I want them to get a human being on the phone if they have a ques- tion or concern." —Stefanie Galeano-Zalutko WORK IT OUT HOT WORK TRUCK PRODUCTS Manufacturers list some of their top sellers for the professional market: Look around to find the commer- cial upfitting op- portunities in your area. (Photos courtesy Dee Zee) Think about how your shop can make commercial customers' lives easier. (Photo cour- tesy Apex Tool Group)

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