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56 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 products because we have designed and include necessary wire harnesses to quickly install our products. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their sales of Light Bars … … we offer shops product display racks to help sell light bars, move product and increase sales. We have found that shops that have a display rack fully loaded with light bars outsell shops that do not have racks or have half-filled racks by three times. These display racks also double as a silent salesman as customers are more apt to try and buy the product when they see it powered-on versus in a box on a shelf. HELLA AUTOMOTIVE SALES INC. Peachtree City, Georgia Annina Von Raussendorftt & Pablo Sanchez Our hottest Light Bar product for 2019 is … … the new HELLA ValueFit LBX light bar, ideal for daily lighting applications. It is available in four configurations: 8-inch, three LEDs, 22W; 14-inch, six LEDs, 44W; 21-inch, nine LEDs, 66W (SAE approved); and 27-inch, 12 LEDs, 88W, equipped with a die-cast aluminum housing. Its best features include … … two light beam patterns: Driving and Combo (driving and spotlight). These con- figurations allow the bars to be used in all-terrain applications such as cars, trucks, utility vehicles and sport utility vehicles with a light color temperature of 6500K. They also have smoked lenses with reflec- tive optics for an attractive design. Fittings and brackets are made of metal to resist corrosion, environment and vibrations, and have IP67 protection. The stainless steel brackets allow flexible positioning to meet a wide range of customer preferences. New technology is affecting the Light Bar market by … … combining LEDs and two different optical lenses. The freeform TIR (Total Internal Reflectivity) system lenses ensure that the light beam covers a long-range area, while Reflex Optics ensure a homo- geneous flood light across narrow streets, highways and rural roads. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Light Bars is … … HELLA ValueFit LBX light bars include 10W Cree LEDs that deliver superior, high- performance lighting. The LEDs produce 1,000, 2,000, 3,500 and 5,500 measured lumens for the 8-, 14-, 21- and 27-inch bars, respectively. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their sales of Light Bars … … LED technology can be incorporated into old mounted halogen lights in a snap. They don't require fancy, heavy-duty wiring or switches—they can simply be grounded to the vehicle's frame and spliced into the backup light power wire in the bumper- mounted outlet's power feed cable. LED light bars are becoming the new trend in 4x4s, SUVs and trucks, and drivers are upgrading to LED technology and sharing it with their neighbors and friends. The variety of light bar lengths available make them an attractive option no matter THE SHINING The variety of light bar lengths available make them an attractive option no matter the vehicle, as they can be fitted on the roof, roll bar or grille guard. (Photos courtesy HELLA Automotive Sales Inc.) Drivers are quickly recognizing the benefits versatile LED light bars can provide. (Photo courtesy HELLA Automotive Sales Inc.)

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