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AUGUST 2019 THE SHOP 61 Reflective Diode (GRD) technology, the Pro6 LEDs are aimed backwards into the reflector, which directs the light forward so that we can craft optimized beam pat- terns for every need. The large reflectors offer a highly controlled beam pattern that minimizes hood glare. The durable Infinity Ring design used on the Pro6 allows you to add an infinite number of lights to match the profile of your vehicle. The Infinity Ring system also makes easy work of swapping out LED inserts and switching beam patterns. As future technologies arise, you'll no longer need to replace your entire light bar and instead can upgrade just the light inserts, saving cost and time. New technology is affecting the Light Bar market by … … allowing for even greater control of beam patterns while offering more intensity. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Light Bars is … … the ability to cater to the exact needs of their customers and provide them with the highest-quality lighting products. With a look that stands out and still retains the classic round appearance, shops will be able to offer customers a Pro6 product that is completely unique. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their sales of Light Bars … … light bars are more than just an aes- thetic addition to a customer's vehicle. A better lighting system will offer the ability to enjoy the outdoors at a time that is com- pletely different than what one may see during the day. An often-overlooked benefit of upgraded lighting including light bars is the safety component. Light bars offer increased vis- ibility so that drivers can see upcoming obstacles and wildlife with ample reaction time. In addition, things don't always go according to plan on the trail. By having a light bar, off-roaders can be confident in the fact that they'll be able to both make trailside repairs much more efficiently and then navigate safely through the dark even if they weren't planning on being out past dusk. (Photo courtesy KC HiLites)

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