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62 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 HEISE LED LIGHTING Holly Hill, Florida Jason Anderson VP of Research and Development Our hottest Light Bar product for 2019 is … … the Heise Infinite Series Its best features include … … high-output white LEDs; the Heise 50-inch light bar features a raw lumens output of 17,100 for 144 total watts, providing high-output illumination for off-road driving; full RGB backlight con- trols; users can control the color selection through the free Heise mobile app; unique housing design that reduces noise while driving; virtually unbreakable; and two different mounting positions with a heavy- duty mounting insert. New technology is affecting the Light Bar market by … … bigger and better chipsets are being developed that provide higher output with less heat. This allows Heise to design light bars in all different shapes and sizes. In return, shops benefit from more options for their customers. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Light Bars is … … the versatility of light bars makes them great upgrades for all types of vehicles. The wide range of applications for light bars is staggering—from boats and marine use to UTVs, trailers, RVs, towing services, com- mercial trucks and all municipality vehicles including garbage trucks. These types of applications can allow a shop to go after business it wouldn't nor- mally get if only focusing on consumer trucks and Jeeps. Once a shop is in front of a customer with these types of vehicles, it's an easy sell—high-output lighting, increased visibility and safety, and a reli- able long-term investment. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their sales of Light Bars … … show customers how much light output a good bar can produce, along with what type of damage it can withstand. Everyone uses social media today, so a quick video of a light bar in action at night can go a long way toward driving business to your shop. Heise performed torture tests and created a series of videos to show how light bars can hold up to being dropped, frozen, cut in half, shot at and more. Once a customer is at your shop, take advantage of retail display options so that they can turn on the lights and see them in person. There are differences among the various light bars on the market and a wide price range. Showcasing quality and performance helps shops increase sales by helping customers understand the impor- tance of a reliable light bar investment. THE SHINING Showcasing quality and performance helps shops increase sales by helping customers understand the importance of a reliable light bar investment. (Photo credits: BDM Photography courtesy of Trick Trucks, Edgewater, MD)

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