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68 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 the ability to learn new things. Emotional safety shuts down this radar, freed from the fear and anxiety of operating in survival mode. The concept of emotional safety has its roots in parent-child relation- ships, where children need to feel safe in order to develop and explore the world. We now know that this need for safety continues into adulthood. In a coaching relationship, emotional safety enables growth. When your employees feel they have your permis- sion to explore and make mistakes, they become far more likely to understand what's holding them back and take steps toward positive change, whether it's to learn more complex tasks or to try new ways to achieve greater efficiency. AN ENVIRONMENT OF TRUST To create emotional safety for your employees, managers or owners can estab- lish an environment of trust and mutual understanding. In any interaction, the manager can let technicians know what to expect, encourage questions and realign expec- tations if necessary. This shared under- standing, paired with clear expectations, will yield a more collaborative relationship rooted in emotional safety. On the other hand, it may become clear that's not what your employee needs or wants. They may have expectations that would be a better fit for additional educa- tion, classes or seminars put on by manu- facturers, or in pairing them with a more senior technician to give them the neces- sary skills. By ensuring that you and your employee are on the same page, you can operate with a foundation of trust. And as the relation- ship progresses, you or their mentor can gauge that mechanic's comfort level, share insights and evaluate their progress. Managers who demonstrate uncondi- tional positive regard for their employees ensure that they will not feel criticized or judged for their thoughts and feel- ings. With management's support, it will improve their level of competency, encourage teamwork and replace fear and trepidation with confidence. In this manner, emotional safety culti- vates a richer, more satisfying workplace, which is more likely to pave the way for a transformational change in your entire organization. "Anyone can achieve their fullest poten- Psychological and emotional safety fosters healthy risk-taking and innovation. In a coaching relationship, emotional safety enables growth. Managers with positive regard for their employees earn trust.

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