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78 THE SHOP AUGUST 2019 This program proves that customers want to upgrade, but a lot of times when purchasing their vehicles, they don't know that the cloth seats can be swapped out to leather. In addition, the spike in sales due to the lucrative financing terms tells us that dealers would have a very easy time closing these deals. After all, who better to offer a financing option than a car dealer? Although there may be many leather options available (custom inserts, piping, two-tone, etc.) this product category is still certainly easier to educate the dealer on than 12-volt products, for example. A great way for dealers to differentiate themselves is to build some leather interiors with a custom logo embroidered onto the kit's headrest. These can be bundled with a few other accessory items and tagged as a custom package to add profit to the sale. Members of Restyler's United, an industry group we are a part of, report that many dealerships nationwide understand the profit potential of these easy upgrades and always keep some vehicles with after- market leather interiors on their showroom floors to entice car buyers. The key is to find which vehicles do not offer a leather option until you reach a higher trim level and then target those opportunities. BACKING LEATHER SEATS In order to differentiate ourselves from other leather interior providers, Auto Action offers an extended warranty. We sell our leather packages with 3- or 5-year warranties that protect the end-user from accidental rips, tears, burns, loose seams and stains outside of the manufacturer's defect warranty. If the interior can't be repaired then it is replaced at no cost to the customer. The great part of this warranty is that the repair and/or replacement can be sent to your shop and you will get paid by the war- ranty underwriter. (Nothing is better than A pilot program in our area has shown a strong demand from new car buyers for leather upgrades. Financing and/or warranty options can help seal the deal with local dealer- ships looking to add profits. Love Those Leather Interiors We're behind you all the way. Need help? Contact the today. One minute, everything is fine. The next instant, disaster strikes. Hindsight is 20/20. Nobody can see into the future. But one thing is certain. If you are employed in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, you are part or a generous family. Your brothers and sisters have donated to a charitable fund available to you, come what may. They are here for you. And so are we. Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation

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