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August '19

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W ith Game of Thrones now over, my wife, Lura, and I, like mil- lions of other series watchers, are currently without a nightly series to watch together until we agree on another. For now, we fall into our natural roles: she scouts for the next binge-worthy series, and I watch YouTube videos for the next DIY home project. As I drifted from videos of homemade log splitters to outdoor fireplaces, I came across a DIY-er who had made a mini metal foundry using a bucket, some sand, and Plaster of Paris. I was fascinated from begin- ning to end, along with 10 million other viewers, watching soup and soda cans turn into molten metal. Watching this video inspired me to try my hand at metal work with something useful on a slightly less dangerous and smaller scale. Killing two birds with one stone, I decided that the metal work project should evolve into a product I could also pitch to a client. One of my clients is a local gift retailer that offers a variety of vintage hardware, local folk art, and ephemera in addition to their larger collection of unique gift items. Figure A represents the final product I believe fits into the local folk-art category. This project combines a couple of the things I love to work with: maps (especially local ones) and old wood. Over the years, I have created several maps of the region using CorelDRAW and have incorporated them into other art projects, so I did not have to dig too deeply for the artwork. If you need to create your own vector-based local or regional map, I have a few tips and resources. DESIGN WORK I used a combination of a few copyright- free images for reference (Figure B) and then recreated the maps using vector tools in CorelDRAW such as the Rectangle tool (F6) and the Freehand pen tool (F5), both located in the toolbox on the left side of the workspace (Figure C). If you are looking for a couple of good resources for maps and other images, try (University of Texas),, and the digital collection at the New York Public Library at digitalcol- There are tens of thou- sands of high-quality images from those few resources alone. You can also search Google using the key words "Library of Congress" and "Sanborn Insurance maps" to find great results in the digital collection at the Library of Congress. Google maps 10 • A&E AUGUST 2019 Shon Roti is the owner of 9thStreetDesigns, a sublimation and graphic design consulting and promotional products business, and TrophyBox, a retail awards store. A graphic designer, Shon has spent more than two decades working as a production artist and instructor in the awards and promotional products industry. You can contact him at Creating a map with a metal inlay using CorelDRAW YouTube-Inspired METAL INLAY By Shon Roti Fig A Fig B Fig C

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