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It is also important to output your art- work at a high resolution. In this case, our master plate was sized in Photoshop to be 24" X 36" at 300 DPI. We took the protective paper off the face of our primary wireframe landscape art during the engraving process to get a better mark and to avoid a mess that would have been created by trying to peel off hun- dreds of individual polygons created by this engraving pattern. Step Two: Engrave and cut the master fore- ground image wireframe art onto a piece of 1/4" clear cast acrylic (17" X 26"). Step Three: Cut an additional piece of 1/4" clear cast acrylic (17" X 36") with the master cut line. This piece will lay on top of our master image wireframe foreground art for protection. Step Four: Cut one piece of the 1/4" black cast acrylic (17" X 36") with the master cut line. We will use this piece as a back- ground for the underside of our wireframe art master artwork. Step Five: Cut and engrave one piece of the 1/4" clear cast acrylic (17" X 36") with the star/sky artwork. The engraving will be on the top half of the acrylic sheet. Step Six: Cut one piece of the 1/4" black cast acrylic to the size of 24" X 36". This piece will be used as the background for our star/sky artwork. Step Seven: Clean all the pieces with a soft non-abrasive cloth and denatured alcohol. Step Eight (optional): Glue up (weld) the three foreground landscape pieces together. Step Nine (optional): Glue up (weld) the background clear and black star layers together. Note: Steps eight and nine are optional because there are other ways to sandwich pieces of acrylic together. Consider your design and its particular setup and framing requirements. The goal of gluing up pieces is to keep dust out of all the various layers. However, you could tape off the top sides and achieve the same type of protection without gluing the pieces together. Step Ten: Mill a piece of wood to act as a base mount to accommodate the lights and act as a mounting stand for the acrylic pieces. See image 3. The key to this project is that you create a well-defined foreground that allows for precise separation from the background plate. Image 1 Image 3 Image 2 A&E AUGUST 2019 • 21

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