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A&E AUGUST 2019 • 23 Project Self-Critique Overall, the piece works well, but there are a few adjustments we should make to this design. The stars/sky art should be reduced in size a little bit. The stars should stand out but not visually dominate the scene. The wireframe art gets a little busy in the center of the artwork. Next time around, we would opt to find a wireframe that is less busy with a finer point size for the wireframe lines. Step Eleven: Route a channel into the wood approximately 1 1/4" wide X 1" deep to accommodate the thickness of the five pieces of acrylic. Then cut two additional channels to accommodate the lights. (You don't want the acrylic pieces to sit directly on top of the LED lights, so a slightly deeper channel allows for the lights to sit below the acrylic pieces.) Step Twelve: Create some spacers to place across the primary channel to provide sup- port to the acrylic sheets and keep them from directly touching the lights. In this example, we cut some 1/8" pieces of alu- minum to insert into the primary channel of the base. See image 4. Step Thirteen: Paint the base black. Step Fourteen: Set the LED light strips into the main channel, and then place the aluminum spacers into the main channel and spread them out evenly to give good support to the acrylic sheets. See image 5. We used the simplest design for a base mount in this project because there is a myriad of framing and install design options that you need to consider based on your specific creative installation needs. Let's consider this frame as temporary until we need to consider custom framing options to suit a specific unique environment or client preference. The main point here is that you need to route channels into a material to accommodate the LED lighting, and provide support for the acrylic material to keep it from sitting directly on the lights. Now that the elements have come together, you can go wild with alternative frame designs. Given the flexibility of LED light strips and individual custom LED lighting alternatives, you can make your work glow with this eye-catching produc- tion method. A&E THE INDUSTRY STANDARD GO TO THERMARK.COM FOR PRODUCT AND ORDERING INFORMATION

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