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August '19

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24 • A&E AUGUST 2019 Y ou've seen it highlighted in this pub- lication and you've seen the equip- ment demonstrated firsthand at trade shows and educational events. There's no doubt that UV printers are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment available to your business. With that said (or written in this case), the spectrum of UV printing applications is huge. Water bottles, T-shirts, Braille sig- nage, wood plaques, acrylic awards, and most things in between are, in some cases, all printable with a single UV printer. How- ever, not all printer owners and operators jump right into printing all those things. Some purchase the equipment for a specific application as it can quickly justify the cost of the machine and provide the needed ROI in a hurry. Remember, UV curable ink does not penetrate the surface of the material. This decoration method provides the ability to print a full CMYK color range and opaque white on even the darkest substrates while maintaining fade resistance to UV light. This not only opens a wide variety of printable materials, but it also positions UV-LED printers as a premier solution for sign shops or those looking to augment current offerings by producing high-quality custom signage. With height clearances upwards of 15 inches and printable areas that range up to 14 by 30 inches and 24 by 48 inches in size, most signage needs can be met by options available within the small- and mid-format UV printer market. SHOWING SIGNS OF PROFIT Whether it's a full-service sign shop with 50+ employees or a newly opened franchise location with a small production staff, UV printers are leveraged to aid new product development, save production time, and complement other in-house technologies. All of these factors can boost profits in a big way. Print in Color: Looking for a specific type of stone background or need to print a high-quality photograph with text for your next sign project? All are completely pos- sible and done with ease on a UV printer. With the ability to print in full-color and match PMS color swatches, digitally printing full-color graphics on the first or second surface of materials gives your cre- ative team complete artistic freedom, the With UV-Printed Signs, it's all Pointing in the Right Direction Michael Perrelli, Marketing Manager, joined the Direct Color Systems team toward the end of 2013. In addition to managing the development and imple- mentation of lead generation programs, Michael is responsible for managing all of DCS's marketing activities, communications, and strategies. Michael earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Rhode Island. Michael can be reached at By Michael Perrelli UV-LED printing provides the ability to print a full CMYK color range and opaque white on even the darkest substrates while maintaining fade resistance to UV light. IMAGES COURTESY MICHAEL PERRELLI

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