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A&E AUGUST 2019 • 45 listening is the doorway to everything that matters." —Mark Nepo, Poet and Philosopher Listening can open doors you didn't know were there and change relationships (work and personal). Deep listening can be summed up in these three things according to SY Partners Jessica Orkin and Rie Nørre- gard, whose interactive talk was titled "Deep Listening: Cultivating the Creative Inhale": • New perspectives • Lead with curiosity • Quiet the ego Be open to hearing what someone has to say instead of correcting them with your idea. You may be surprised at what comes out. SY Partners offers a lot of free tools that can be found online at www.sypart- Those in attendance also heard about six different listening archetypes. Most people are a combination of two, but not always. Understanding what type of listener you are is almost as important as knowing what listener you are not and who's not in the room. Sometimes the most important information can be found in what is not being said. THREE: STREAMLINE Don't hold your process hostage; however, streamline where you can. Streamlining your workflow and process is important. You can avoid mistakes, limit wasting money or materials, and be more productive. Having a set process for proj- ects makes it easy and seamless, which can limit or even avoid certain hiccups during the project. That said, being completely rigid doesn't give you a chance to push any business opportunities further. Give yourself a chance to evolve your process and grow. FOUR: A CURATED LIFE Live a curated life. Take a real look and ask yourself what information are you constantly exposed to? What's in your social media feed? We are constantly receiving more information on a daily basis than ever before. You can typically choose to receive or avoid that information. If you are on social media, does your feed consist of "fun" stuff only? While it might be a nice distrac- tion, you should also consider following other people or companies you admire, whether in your industry or another. Inspi- ration can come from anywhere, including analog sources. FIVE: UNDERSTANDING Imagine past your understanding. At one point the earth was flat. At least, that was our understanding. Now we realize differently. If you thought your only option was to sell locally, why not sell online on sites such as Etsy, or get a booth at a Maker's Market in a different city. We limit our- selves, including the joy that we can bring to our lives and others, by staying within one thought process. SIZ: EXPERIENCE Be intent on the experience. What do you want customers to feel or think when they think of your business/company or products/services? Is it unreliable? Is it someone who doesn't want to be hassled with a custom order? What is the experi- ence your customers have when they visit your website, call, or come into your shop (if you have a brick-and-mortar store)? Plan out and follow your customer's steps (whether online or in person) to understand where you have a chance to connect and make a difference in their experience — being ho-hum or being the one you really want them to have. SY Partners provided this booklet with their talk, "Deep Listening: the Creative Inhale."

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