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50 • A&E AUGUST 2019 I've updated our sublimation instruc- tions to include suggested dwell times and production details for products that can be produced using shrink wrap on our site. Keep in mind that dwell times provided are a starting point and are dependent on how much heat each oven puts out and the number of items placed into the oven. NEEDED EQUIPMENT What equipment is required? First, you'll need a convection-style oven (not a toaster oven) with enough space to hold the products you want to decorate. The oven you choose needs to be dedicated to pro- ducing sublimatable products and should never be used for cooking food. In my opinion, you should avoid a small oven and purchase a medium to large oven to accommodate the larger products and higher quantities your shop will soon pro- duce. The good news is that even a full- size convection oven is a relatively low-cost investment. Second, you'll need an internal oven thermometer to monitor the oven's actual temperature instead of relying on its dial settings. Lastly, you'll need a heat gun to shrink the film sleeves onto the substrates. Heat guns can be found at almost any home improvement store — we bought ours at Harbor Freight for around $15. There are a few limitations to the shrink wrap. Although I consider sublimation Here you see the silicone wraps on drinkware and a pet bowl. A comparison of two shot glasses. The one on left has an unimaged area because it was imaged with a silicone wrap. The one on the right was imaged using a shrink wrap film sleeve, which resulted in an all-around transfer. TRAINING in the HALL Please visit for more information. Experience the lively exhibit hall, the classes taught by industry experts and the endless networking opportunities, all conveniently located near you! Long Beach, CA August 15-17, 2019 TRAINING STOP

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