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A&E AUGUST 2019 • 51 shrink wrap a miracle worker, it can't prevent the printed transfer from wrin- kling as it is forced to conform to a curved substrate. For curvy stemless wine glasses, for example, I recommend trimming the printed image in a way that allows it to better fit the product's shape. Trimming and then taping the pieces down is a tech- nique that works well for certain types of designs, but not all. Producing standard 11- and 15-ounce "C" handle mugs is especially difficult. When heated, the film lifts away from the area near the handle, leaving a large area on both sides of the handle that does not receive pressure and therefore cannot be imaged. We are currently working to find an innovative technique to overcome this problem, so be sure to check back with us for updates. FINAL THOUGHTS I believe we'll see a lot of interesting and profitable innovations emerge that take full advantage of shrink wrap film sleeves. Although not a complete replacement for mug presses, I'm confident sublimation ovens will soon become a required acces- sory for businesses wanting to keep up with the latest trends in drinkware and other uniquely shaped products that don't fit in a traditional heat press. Please feel free to contact me at with your questions and suggestions. Try This! Want to learn how to use the shrink wrap film sleeves? Check out this tutorial in the 2019 Custom Gift Annual: An oven thermometer, heat gun, and water bottle with the shrink wrap film sleeve. A&E

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