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52 • A&E AUGUST 2019 T he applications for small- to mid- format UV printers have histori- cally been rigid flat goods like alu- minum, brass, acrylic, corrugated plastic, wood, and the like. Items made from these materials are generally meant to be left in one place and looked at — and certainly not intended to be flexed or bent. Many ad specialty items fall into this category, such as small solid items like thumb drives, pens, calculators, letter openers, and so on. But, there is a growing demand for flexible materials to be embel- lished with UV-LED printers. Some common examples of what is con- sidered as flexible are materials like leather, pleather, and other synthetic hides as well as magnetic material, Kydex, and other formable materials. So, what is required to deal with these types of materials? Let's look at a few. FLEXIBLE INKS ON LEATHER Leather is one material that has a lot of applications that demand inks that can give when flexed. Journals, binder covers, seat covers, wall art, even apparel and appliqués can all be printed with small- to mid-format UV-LED printers using flexible or hybrid inks. Want to know more about UV inks? Learn about rigid versus flexible sets, the differences, and the various companies around the industry who offer them. Don Copeland is an Output Graphics Sales and Application Professional, focusing on Digital Printing, who has been serving the graphics industry since 1989. He brings nearly 30 years of digital printing experience to the DTG and Compress brands. You can connect with Don on Linkedin, or contact the marketing department at ColDesi, Inc. 877-793-3278 c/o Tom Rumbaugh. Learn more by visiting By Don Copeland The applications for small- to mid-format UV printers have historically been rigid flat goods, but there's a growing demand for flexible materials to be embellished with this technology. ALL IMAGES COURTEY DON COPELAND

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