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August '19

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56 • A&E AUGUST 2019 E veryone wants something unique and customized, something spe- cial. But when it comes to awards, that can sometimes be difficult to create. Luckily for you, you can create that unique and special award for your clients, and it's a lot easier than it sounds. One of the things we've learned about through the years is the ins and outs of combining imprint processes. Through trial and error, we've found what works best. You've probably gone through some trial and error as well. Following, I share some tips and tricks that we've learned over the past 26 years. ARTWORK TIPS AND TRICKS You need good artwork to create a cus- tomized award. A bad art file leads to bad artwork, which leads to a bad imprint. Make sure your artwork is prepped cor- rectly. We recommend keeping your art- work away from the edge or bevel on an award so you don't run into any artwork issues during the production process. The easiest way to make sure your art- work is placed and sized correctly is using a template. Our production artists use them every day. Ask your supplier for an art tem- plate for your award if you can't download them from their website. • Tip 1: Make sure your artwork is vector, especially if you want to avoid an art charge when outsourcing pro- duction to a supplier. Vector artwork can be resized without distorting the image, so it's easy to work with. You can recreate a photo as vector art, but it's time-consuming. If you can, ask your clients to send black-and-white vector art with no gradients or grayscale. • Tip 2: Communicate your etch- ability standards when it comes to sandcarving projects. We require dif- ferent thicknesses for different font sizes so there's no art issues once sand- Jen Jezierski is the Marketing Coordinator at Crystal D. She can be reached at 651-925-3425 or by email at For more than 20 years, Crystal D has been a leader in crystal awards, promotional gifts, and incentives. Visit for more information. By Jen Jezierski Combine Imprints to Create the Perfect Customized Awards Combining decorating methods on an award can really wow your customers. ALL IMAGES COURTESY JEN JEZIERSKI

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