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A&E AUGUST 2019 • 59 • Tip 1: If you're using a 3-4mm-thick film, you should etch at 25-30 psi. This way you're less likely to ruin the film and have to start the whole pro- cess over. • Tip 2: Always aim for a deep and even etch. If the etch isn't even, your artwork will have darker and lighter spots, which can be noticeable. Once you're finished etching, wash and dry your awards in a clean, dust- free area for the perfect presentation. FULL-COLOR IMPRINTING TIPS AND TRICKS Washing the awards and packaging them in their gift boxes could be the end of the process for many projects, but if you have the option to add color, it brings more life and dimension to the award. Once you've created the art and saved it to the computer attached to your printer, it's ready to be printed. Prep your awards according to your printer manufacturer's specifications, and you're ready to print. Each award may have to be printed indi- vidually, so this might take some time depending on your machine. There are a couple tips to keep in mind when full-color printing on an award. • Tip 1: Make sure the award is level. If it's not level, the artwork won't print correctly. • Tip 2: Make sure your ink is Prop 65 compliant. Otherwise you may need to disclose that information. We've also learned through trial and error that curved crystal awards reflect too much light back onto the printer heads. They burn out quickly with curved awards. COLOR-FILL TIPS AND TRICKS Color-fill is where you can add color to a deep etch on an award. • Tip 1: When working with trans- lucent colors, the color may vary depending on how large the surface area is. Smaller etch areas may appear darker than larger areas, even if you're using the same paint. This is why we don't PMS color match at Crystal D. • Tip 2: Color-filling on curved sur- faces is a challenge. We don't recom- mend it, as the paint tends to pool in the corners. That leads to varying shades of color on the same surface. If you do want to color-fill on curved surfaces, make sure you have scrap pieces you can practice on. Now that you know some of our tips and tricks, you can try this yourself. Turn a beautiful crystal award into an incred- ible work of art by deep etching, color- filling, and adding a full-color imprint. If imprinting these customized awards seems too daunting, our last tip is this: find a supplier you can count on to help. Whether you or your supplier does the imprinting, your clients will love their customized awards. A&E

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