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A&E AUGUST 2019 • 71 specific filter is more likely to open the file properly.) These are only suggestions and may or may not work for your purposes, but are worth a try if it becomes necessary. IN THE CASE OF FONTS Some time back, I frequently received PDF files from an individual using InDe- sign that had a double extension, such as filename.pdf.bin, which would not open in any application. I discovered that removing the .bin extension allowed these files to open in both Adobe Reader and CorelDRAW. When we get a file from someone else, it often includes fonts that we may not have in our system. When we open these files, our system often substitutes a default or a close match font for the included font. In cases like this, it is always good to ask that the sender include the font file with their graphic file. If that is not possible, then you might ask them to convert fonts to curves or, in Illustrator, to outlines prior to sending. I once had a colleague who received an Illustrator file that he could not open in his sign-specific program. I was able to open the file in CorelDRAW, but the fonts included in the file were not a thing I had on my system. My friend then asked the provider to include all fonts as objects. This, evidently, solved his dilemma, as I never heard anything to the contrary. In the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, the included Bitstream Font Navigator in earlier versions, or the Corel Font Manager in versions X8 and later, are both powerful font utilities that allow customization of fonts. The Windows O/S recommends that Graphic Design Fig 2 Fig 3 I have, on occasion, been able to change the AI extension to PDF with favorable results.

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