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A&E AUGUST 2019 • 73 Graphic Design When the font utility is first opened, it performs a font search and creates a catalog of all fonts on your system. Then you can choose to install or uninstall any individual font, wanted or not wanted. In Corel, the installed fonts appear in the list of those available for use in the program. I once worked with a colleague who was plagued by numerous "blue screen" events that shut down his system. His previous designer had acquired a huge number of fonts and installed them all into the Fonts folder. As a result, the O/S was over-bur- dened and suffered numerous shut-downs due to too many fonts installed. After installing CorelDRAW and the Bitstream Font Navigator, I was able to remove excess fonts (about 1,200) from the Fonts folder and create a catalog of fonts, being careful to limit the number actually installed. That got rid of the many random shut-downs previously experienced while still having the fonts immediately available for use on his system. On occasion, I have received files cre- ated in MS Word, Excel, or Publisher. Beginning with version X5, Corel is able to open a Publisher file, though it is often opened with unexpected results (same with some Power Point files). The other MS file types (.doc, .docx, .xls, etc.) are best opened in the appropriate MS program, then the content selected and copied to the clipboard. When pasted into Corel, it is usually best to choose Edit>Paste Special and then choose the option best suited to your needs, rather than using the simple Paste option. See Figure 6. Any time we work with different pro- grams, we can expect that they may not work together with full compatibility and may have to find some alternate ways to get the job done. It is in our best interest to learn as much as we can to enhance our proficiency with CorelDRAW. In a future article, I intend to look closely at some of the most common Save and Export abilities of the Corel program, as these are often how our designs are best shared with others. A&E Call Cassie Green at 720.566.7278 or email Get involved in editorial opportunities for A&E each month!

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