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64 • RV PRO • August 2019 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T SPECIAL PRODUCT FOCUS FRONT AND REAR DASH CAM KIT Camera Source, Johnson Creek, Wis., allows drivers to monitor and record two camera channels simultaneously with this front and rear-dash cam kit. It will automatically begin recording when the vehicle starts, but it also has a built-in G sensor and motion sensor that will record if it senses motion or shock while parked. No more "he said/ she said" when involved in an accident because this solution will provide answers. www.camera-source.com BLIND-SPOT DETECTION Senzar, Brea, Calif., recognizes RVs and trailers have no real protection yet are prized possessions with valuables inside, and offers a product line of Novus Radar Technologies to pave the way for safety on the roads by providing a blind-spot detection. It's easily installable on certain make and model trucks and RVs and can be done in a DIY method or brought to automotive electronics shop for installation. www.meetsenzar.com TOWABLE TIRE PRESSURE SYSTEM Tuson RV Brakes, Vernon Hills, Ill., introduces the newly redesigned Tuson Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which provides the most accurate tire pressure and temperature readings. Tuson TPMS features new interchangeable valve stems to universally fit through vehicle/trailer wheel rim hole sizes and stores up to three tow vehicle/trailer memory combinations of up to 10 internal tire sensors for each memory. The Tuson TPMS delivers signal strength of up to 100 feet and uses automotive-grade internal sensors that measure up to 203 psi and last five to 10 times longer than external sensors. www.tusonrvbrakes.com TPMS EVEN WATCHES SPARE TIRE Dill Air Controls Products, Oxford, N.C., introduces Dill's Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System, an innovative system used to alert drivers of leak detection, pressure warnings, and temperature warnings. The system is compatible with campers, trailers, and RVs that have two to 10 tires that require pressures up to 144psi. Spare tire monitoring is also possible. Dill's Trailer TPMS assists with fuel savings, helps extend tire life, and gives its users the peace of mind that they, and their cargo, are protected. www.dillvalves.com

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