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18 • A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 Step Seven: Once I have my vinyl cut, weeded, and masked, it is ready to be applied to the acrylic surface. This process does require some technique to ensure that the vinyl applies smoothly with no bubbles. Clean the surface of the acrylic with isopropyl alcohol to ensure a clean bond. For this project, I use the hinge technique. The hinge technique allows you to line up the vinyl graphic to the surface of your Step seven. Once the vinyl is in position, create a hinge down the middle of the design using blue painters tape. The tape holds the vinyl in position, allowing you to peel one half of the vinyl away from the paper backer while staying aligned to the surface of the acrylic. Cut away the exposed half of the paper liner, then squeegee the vinyl onto one side of the acrylic. Because the vinyl is now adhered on one side of the acrylic, you can remove the tape without worry of misalignment and repeat these steps for the second half of the vinyl. Then trim away any excess vinyl. Step eight: install the stand-offs.

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