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September '19

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A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 • 19 The final product ready to be installed. substrate without removing your paper backer that the vinyl rests on to ensure proper alignment. Once situated into position, I create a hinge down the middle of the design using blue painters tape. The tape holds the vinyl in position, allowing me to peel one half of the vinyl away from the paper backer while staying aligned to the surface of the acrylic. I then cut away the exposed half of the paper liner, allowing me to squeegee the vinyl onto one side of the acrylic. Because the vinyl is now adhered on one side of the acrylic, I can remove my tape without worry of misalignment and repeat these steps for the second half of the vinyl. Trim away any excess vinyl around edges of sign. Step Eight: Now that we have our sub- limated hardboard and our vinyl decorated acrylic, the last step is to install our stand- offs. For this design, the mounting holes have already been cut to size with the laser so we just need to line everything up, screw the stand-offs together, and it is finished. The only step left is to mount it up for the world to see. A&E Material this tough shouldn't engrave this easily. NEW Dura-Guard ™ makes Duets ® Laser XT even more durable. ©2019 Gemini Incorporated. Duets ® is a registered trademark of Gemini, Inc. Duets BY GEMINI PARTNER NETWORK Introducing Dura-Guard, a new option for Duets Laser XT that dials up maximum durability. Ideal for high-traffic, high-contact signage, wayfinding and industrial labeling applications, Dura-Guard offers the perfect balance of wear resistance and easy cleaning. Try it yourself. Go to for a free test sample, or ask your Duets by Gemini distributor. Available in-stock, nationwide from the Duets partner network of leading distributors

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