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26 • A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 YOUR LASER AT WORK By Bob Hagel VENTING Venting your laser should not be an afterthought. It is an important part of keeping your laser running properly, reducing breakdowns, and increasing the time between cleanings and mainte- nance, as well as maintaining the health of the staff. With a well-vented laser, you won't notice smoke during lasering. If you see smoke after a few seconds, your venting motor is not powerful enough, or you need to change your filters (if you are using a filtering system). Clogged filters reduce the air flow pulling out the smoke and gunk caused by lasering. Whether you use a filtering system or just vent your laser to the outside, you will use a motor to pull the air from the laser. The horse power of the motor depends upon how many lasers you are venting and the distance you want to pull the fumes from the laser. If you are pushing the fumes up through a ceiling vent, you need more power. Some motors have bearings and some are bearing-less. Know which type of motor you have. If you have bearings, they need to be replaced after several years. A motor stops working when your bearings are worn out. Know where you can buy new bearings and the type of bearings long I n the July issue, I wrote about considerations in buying your first, or for some, a new or used laser. For those that have had a laser for a while, I want to discuss maintaining your laser. I'll cover the basics of venting, cleaning, lubricating, lens and mirror replacement, and the most likely parts to wear out and how to replace them. Bob Hagel and his wife Dana own Eagle's Mark Awards & Signs, offering a full line of personalized products using laser engraving, sand etching, and full-color UV direct print on products. They have offered awards, recognition, and signage products to organizations for more than a decade in the Southern California wine country. He can be reached at Maintaining an Older Laser My Laser is Not Working Properly Learn more about the importance of vent cleaning here: The laser outside exhaust vent and hose leading to my exhaust filtering system — it's crucial to keep your vent clean. ALL IMAGES COURTESY BOB HAGEL

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