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28 • A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 and lubrication. You may have several checklists based on the schedule you create. Time frames are often weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. The checklist is especially helpful when you are interrupted from maintenance tasks for a few hours or a few days. Always follow the directions that come with your laser for cleaning the lens and mirrors. Cleaning paper or cotton along with a cleaning fluid is the likely method they want you to follow. You will not likely need to remove the lens and mirrors for cleaning. I remove them once a year to give them an extra careful cleaning and to inspect them for wear. It's a good idea to clean your laser and optics on a regular schedule based on the number of hours a day you use your laser. Also, if you engrave (raster) or vector cut wood or plastic often, clean the optics and even the inside of your laser more fre- quently. You do not want smoke or gunk to build up on your optics. If you see a buildup on the inside of your laser such as on your rulers, it is time to clean your optics as well. In cleaning your optics, you should not have to rub hard or vigorously. Use enough fluid and be gentle in your cleaning. Make sure all the fluid has been removed or evap- orated before lasering again. CLEANING THE MACHINE: TABLE, INTERNAL VENTS, RAILS I inspect my rulers and vent open- ings often. These are my primary indica- tors I need to do a cleaning. I use LA's Totally Awesome to clean the inside of my laser. Here's what I clean each scheduled cleaning: 1. The rulers; 2. The metal sides of the laser; 3. I brush the vent openings to loosen the gunk; 4. I then vacuum the vents; 5. Next I wipe the vents with LA's Totally Awesome; 6. Clean off your focus plunger if you have one; I keep a laser cleaning kit for optics and some ball bearing lubricant. Check your laser manufacturer's maintenance notes to keep your laser in good shape.

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